Nutrition Strategy geared to information and improved background conditions

Small lettuce plants in a garden bed

The new plan of action to implement the Nutrition Strategy 2017-2024 aims at facilitating a healthy lifestyle.

The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) is launching a new plan of action to implement Switzerland's "Nutrition Strategy 2017-2024". The idea underlying this action plan is that an improved range of food products and meals will help consumers to live their lives healthily. The nutritional skills of the population are to be enhanced by a variety of measures in four key action areas.

First, education and awareness-raising will help consumers to better understand the correlations between nutrition and health. A second area is devoted to improving the framework conditions: cooperation with industry will be aimed, for example, at improving recipes on a voluntary basis and promoting innovation. In addition, the food available in communal catering facilities will be optimised and marketing campaigns targeting children will be made more responsible. A further area of action will focus on coordination between the various stakeholders. And finally, monitoring and the drafting of scientifically sound documentation will serve to uncover further areas requiring action as part of the Nutritional Strategy.

Digital information

The action plan is closely geared to the availability of online information. A special platform,, has been created to provide nutritional tips for babies and toddlers. The MySwissFoodPyramid app is designed to help people choose a diet that is varied and balanced but at the same time enjoyable. The app enables users to keep a food diary and provides them with tailored feedback and tips.

Switzerland's Nutrition Strategy 2017-2024 is being implemented with the involvement of non-governmental organisations, private industry, public authorities, education and research. The action plan will be assessed, updated and improved on an annual basis according to a rolling schedule.