Sustainable and balanced eating in the future: How can we put scientific recommendations into practice?

Researchers of NRP 69 will present their results in a workshop organised by Public Health Schweiz. Afterwards, they will debate with experts how scientific recommendations for healthy and sustainable eating can be put into practice.

Start12.01.2021 12:45
End12.01.2021 16:15
Registration deadline12.01.2021

The National Research Programme "Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production" (NRP 69) has created a foundation of scientific knowledge and practical recommendations that will contribute to promoting public health through healthy eating and making food production more sustainable.

In a workshop, jointly organised with Public Health Schweiz, several researchers will present the results of their projects. This will be followed by discussions with experts from the areas of public health and nutrition as well as representatives of the government and NGOs. The main topic: how can the recommendations of NRP 69 be put into practice? Could they be integrated into existing strategies and action plans? Which tasks are the responsibility of government offices or other organisations? Are there any gaps? Where do we need policy input?