Incorporating NRP 69 recommendations into the policy framework


Background (completed research project)

The projects conducted under the National Research Programme “Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production” (NRP 69) are generating a broad range of findings and recommendations for stakeholders in the agri-food sectors as well as the field of public health. The policy framework on which the food system is based is complex: it encompasses agricultural policy, regulations on food processing, trading and safety as well as public health strategies. This project examines the characteristics of the various policy fields and proposes specific solutions for incorporating NRP 69 recommendations into this framework.


The project will draw up concrete ways in which the results from NRP 69 research can be incorporated into government policy. The aim is to identify changes to the policy framework that will encourage players within the food system to change their behaviour and thereby to promote increasingly healthy nutrition and more sustainable food production. As a first step, the project will analyse existing policy strategies as well as national and international legislation relating to agriculture and food processing, trading and safety. It will also analyse strategies for promoting public health. Secondly, the project will examine how these different policy fields influence each other. Can synergies between individual strategies be exploited, and is there potential conflict between different objectives? As a third step, the project will analyse the findings from NRP 69 and highlight how these can be incorporated into the policy framework.


The study assesses the feasibility of the recommendations from individual NRP 69 projects, in view of the current legislative and regulatory framework at all levels of the food chain as well as in public health. This has policy-related consequences with regard to healthy nutrition and sustainable food production.

Original title

Cross-sectional policy analysis for the National Research Programme "Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production" (NRP 69)

  • Funding: CHF 136'500
  • Duration: 12 months

Project Manager

  • Prof Fritz Sager, University of Bern
  • Dr Markus Hinterleitner, University of Bern
  • Johanna Künzler, University of Bern
  • Dr Eva Thomann, University of Exeter

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