How can people achieve a healthy diet?

Examining and influencing consumer behaviors and nutrition patterns in Switzerland: six projects investigate questions related to healthy diet. They analyse the eating habits of the Swiss population and study approaches to influencing and improving these habits.

 Completed research projects



FoodballFoodball Guy Vergères, Prof. Dr. François Pralong
Health motivatorsHealth motivators Dr. Claude Messner, Dr. Thomas Brunner
MirdietMirdiet Dr. François Pralong, Prof. Dr. Luc Tappy, Dr. Jörg Hager
Preventing obesityPreventing obesity Lukas Emmenegger, Prof. Dr. Luc Tappy, Dr. Christophe Chassard, Prof. Dr. Christophe Lacroix, Virgile Lecoultre, Prof. Dr. Herbert Looser
Salt consumption Salt consumption Beer-Borst, Kathrin Sommerhalder
Vitamin DVitamin D Dr. Sabine Rohrmann, Dr. Katharina Christine Quack


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