How can healthy products remain affordable?

Ten projects investigate the question of healthy food products and their cost. They explore different aspects, for example, how to extend the storage life of food.

 Completed research projects



Citizen consumer Citizen consumer Dr. Jean-Philippe Leresche, Dr. Stéphane Boisseaux, Dr. Sophie Reviron, Dr. Joëlle Salomon Cavin
Dietary fiberDietary fiber Dr. Laura Nyström
Functional FoodFunctional Food Peter Fischer, Prof. Dr. Michael Fried, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kozerke, Prof. Wolfgang Langhans, Prof. Dr. Werner Schwizer, Dr. Andreas Steingötter
Healthy pigs Healthy pigs Dr. Peter Spring, Dr. Andreas Hofer, Dr. Stefan Neuenschwander, Dr. Martin Scheeder, Dr. Sandra Senti Grieder, Dr. Xaver Sidler
Metal exposure Metal exposure Dr. Wolfgang Wilcke, Dr. Moritz Bigalke, Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Frossard, Dr. Armin Keller
Nano-preservation Nano-preservation Dr. Cornelia Gabriela Palivan, Dr. Ozana Fischer
Preservative bacteriaPreservative bacteria Dr. Leo Meile, Dr. Marc Stevens
Safe cereals Safe cereals Susanne Vogelgsang, Mario Bertossa, Agroscope, Dr. Thomas Daniel Bucheli, Dr. Fabio Mascher-Frutschi
Social inequality Social inequality Pedro Marques-Vidal, Prof. Dr. Murielle Bochud, Dr. Idris Guessous
StaphylococciStaphylococci Dr. Roger Stephan


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