How can food become more environmentally friendly?

Six projects investigate the environmental impact of food production. They explore environmentally friendly solutions for agriculture and the consumers.

 Completed research projects



Cow emissions Cow emissions Sabine Schrade, Dr. Joachim Mohn, Dr. Angela Schwarm
Food losses Food losses Gabriele Mack, Agroscope, Dr. Andreas Keiser, Prof. Dr. Michael Siegrist
Iron and Zinc Iron and Zinc Dr. Raffaele Mezzenga, Prof. Dr. Michael B. Zimmermann
Organic food basketsOrganic food baskets Dr. Marion Fresia, Dr. Jérémy Forney, Julien Vuilleumier
Sustainable agri-food systems Sustainable agri-food systems Birgit Kopainsky, Dr. Rolf Frischknecht, Dr. Heinz Rütter
Sustainable milk productionSustainable milk production Pierrick Jan


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