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Dietary fiberDietary fiber Dr. Laura Nyström
FoodballFoodball Guy Vergères, Prof. Dr. François Pralong
Incorporating NRP 69 recommendations into the policy frameworkIncorporating NRP 69 recommendations into the policy framework Dr. Fritz Sager
Innovations for future-oriented diets and food productionInnovations for future-oriented diets and food production Jürg Minsch
Iron and Zinc Iron and Zinc Dr. Raffaele Mezzenga, Prof. Dr. Michael B. Zimmermann
Recommendations for sustainable and healthy dietsRecommendations for sustainable and healthy diets Matthias Stolze
Toward healthy and sustainable diets in SwitzerlandToward healthy and sustainable diets in Switzerland Suren Erkman

 Completed research projects



Citizen consumer Citizen consumer Dr. Jean-Philippe Leresche, Dr. Stéphane Boisseaux, Dr. Sophie Reviron, Dr. Joëlle Salomon Cavin
Cow emissions Cow emissions Sabine Schrade, Dr. Joachim Mohn, Dr. Angela Schwarm
Food losses Food losses Gabriele Mack, Agroscope, Dr. Andreas Keiser, Prof. Dr. Michael Siegrist
Functional FoodFunctional Food Andreas Steingötter, Dr. Peter Fischer, Prof. Dr. Michael Fried, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kozerke, Prof. Wolfgang Langhans, Prof. Dr. Werner Schwizer
Health motivatorsHealth motivators Dr. Claude Messner, Dr. Thomas Brunner
Healthy pigs Healthy pigs Dr. Peter Spring, Dr. Andreas Hofer, Dr. Stefan Neuenschwander, Dr. Martin Scheeder, Dr. Sandra Senti Grieder, Dr. Xaver Sidler
Metal exposure Metal exposure Dr. Wolfgang Wilcke, Dr. Moritz Bigalke, Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Frossard, Dr. Armin Keller
MirdietMirdiet Dr. François Pralong, Prof. Dr. Luc Tappy, Dr. Jörg Hager
Nano-preservation Nano-preservation Dr. Cornelia Gabriela Palivan, Dr. Ozana Fischer
Organic food basketsOrganic food baskets Dr. Marion Fresia, Dr. Jérémy Forney, Julien Vuilleumier
Preservative bacteriaPreservative bacteria Dr. Leo Meile, Dr. Marc Stevens
Preventing obesityPreventing obesity Lukas Emmenegger, Prof. Dr. Luc Tappy, Dr. Christophe Chassard, Prof. Dr. Christophe Lacroix, Virgile Lecoultre, Prof. Dr. Herbert Looser
Safe cereals Safe cereals Susanne Vogelgsang, Mario Bertossa, Agroscope, Dr. Thomas Daniel Bucheli, Dr. Fabio Mascher-Frutschi
Salt consumption Salt consumption Beer-Borst, Kathrin Sommerhalder
Social inequality Social inequality Pedro Marques-Vidal, Prof. Dr. Murielle Bochud, Dr. Idris Guessous
StaphylococciStaphylococci Dr. Roger Stephan
Sustainable agri-food systems Sustainable agri-food systems Birgit Kopainsky, Dr. Rolf Frischknecht, Dr. Heinz Rütter
Sustainable milk productionSustainable milk production Pierrick Jan
Vitamin DVitamin D Dr. Sabine Rohrmann, Dr. Katharina Christine Quack

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